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4 Year Plan


Student can also do a 4 Year Pan on mydsd, to do this:

1. Login to mydsd
2. Click on Academics on the top tap
3. Click on CCR (4 year plan)
4. Fill in and check your plans


College and Career Links

College and Career Links

Parent Tool Box

Southern Utah University

Dixie State University

Snow College

Brigham Young University


Salt Lake Community College

University of Utah

Weber State University

Utah State University

Department of Workforce Services

Davis Tech College

Utah's CTE Pathways

Holland's Six Personality Types

Utah Board of Education

Utah Futures

What Are College and Career Readiness Plan Conferences

What is College and Career Readiness Plan (CCR)?

We like to meet with each student and their parent at least one time every school year. The meetings last about 1/2 hour. In general, we look at how the student is doing academically, emotionally and socially. We evaluate and set new goals to keep the student moving forward toward their life goals. We celebrate each student's unique contributions to our school and community. You will receive an email telling you how to sign up for a time. If you are not able to sign up, you will receive a letter in the mail that will indicate the date and time of your scheduled meeting. If the date and/or time will not work for you, please call the Counseling Center at 402-6907 to reschedule our meeting. It is our goal to meet with as many parents as we can.

7th Grade CCR Plan

7th grade CCR Conferences take place in February, these are done at night in small groups.

We talk about friends and teachers.
We discuss getting involved in school clubs etc.
We review their academic goals.
We check on their grades.
Review Utah Futures.
We set new goals.
We make plans for 8th grade.
This CCR Plan really helps the counselors get to know each student a little better.

8th Grade CCR Plan 

8th grade CCR Plans take place beginning in October. Individual meetings are held for each student.

We begin to discuss a 4 year plan for high school.
We evaluate their goals and grades.
We set new goals.
We review the testing results.
We check on student concerns.
We discuss the Reality Town experience.
Go over 9th grade registration cards.
9th Grade CCR Plan

9th grade CCR Plans take place in December.  Individual meetings are held for each student.

We look over the student's grades and credits.  
We discuss career choices and courses that support those career choices.
We begin discussing college requirements.
We will share some web sites that are helpful in choosing a college.
We have information on different programs that might lead to scholarship opportunities.
Review High School registration information.