Career & Technical Education

What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education at Viewmont High provides our students with knowledge and skills in many different content areas.

Courses combine the academic knowledge and technical skills that are vital for entry into the careers of the 21st century. Many CTE courses also offer Concurrent Enrollment College credit. Career Pathways help students to seamlessly transition from high school to college to careers and life. Skills are verified through CTE State Skill Certificate tests or industry tests in each course. 

CTE student leadership organizations (CTSOs) combine classroom instruction with leadership training and a practical application of skills. Each organization provides training and competition specific to a CTE program area. Students enrolled in Career & Technical Education courses are encouraged to participate in the student organization that relates to their area of career interest. Each year students participate in region and state competitions. State winners are eligible to attend their national competitions. Student organizations are DECA, FCCLA, HOSA, TSA.

CAreer and Technical education courses

Business Courses

  • CCA 7th Grade
  • Word Processing 7th Grade
  • Digital Literacy 8th Grade

Information Technology Courses

  • Creative Coding 7th-8th Grade
  • Robotics 7th -8th Grade
  • Introduction to Python 8th-9th Grade
  • Exploring Computer Science 9th Grade

Family and Consumer Science Courses

  • CCA 7th Grade
  • FCS Exploration 8th Grade
  • Interior Design 9th Grade
  • Foods and Nutrition 9th Grade
  • Sewing Construction and Textiles 9th Grade

Technology Courses

  • CCA 7th Grade
  • Exploring Technology 8th Grade
  • Construction Technology 9th Grade
  • Manufacturing Technology 9th Grade

CTE Teachers

Sherry Pate

Picture of Sherry Pate

Business Teacher

Lindsay Snell

Picture of Lindsay Snell

Business Teacher

Jali Page

Picture of Jali Page

Business and IT Teacher

Amy Coray

Picture of Amy Coray

FCS Teacher

Cami Sunderland

Picture of Camie Sunderland

Charlotte Collier

Picture of Charlotte Collier

FCS Teacher

Joy Bowler

Picture of Joy Bowler

Technology Teacher

Michelle Fredericks

Picture of Michelle Fredericks

Technology and FCS Teacher