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Welcome to Farmington Junior High School

New students/parents may call for an appointment at 801-402-6907.

Registration for 6th grade students is done in the spring of each year with the elementary schools that feed into Farmington Junior High, the following is only for students new to the area and/or Farmington Junior.

The following information is needed to register your student:

2019-2020 Registration

2019-2020 School Registration

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration process for the 2019-20 school year.

Student Schedules:

Student Schedules can be viewed on August 10th. Schedules (including locker number and combination) will be available on August 10th on-line through myDSD ONLY if required fees are paid, a fee waiver if turned into the office, or pay plan is set up through the office.  For classroom numbers and locker information go to myDSD under "Academics" - then "Reports" - then "Year Schedule/Locker Information". 
Schedule Changes can only be made by appointment Monday August 12th - 14th from 8:00am to 2:30 pm. Appointments are made in myDSD under "Tools" then "Appointments". Online appointment scheduler will open August 10th. You can call 801-402-6908 if you are unable to come at the times available.



Locker number and combinations are found on myDSD by going to "Academics" then "Reports" then "Year Schedule/Locker Information"


Pay Fees:

Required Registration Fees can be paid after August 1st.

Click "Payments" option found at the top of the screen. Select "Pay Lunch/Fees".  Click on the "Fees/Fines Owed" tab.  Click "Add" and it will load to your cart.  Please look through the "Optional Fees" tab as well to pay for PTA memberships, PE Clothing and a yearbook.  Proceed to checkout. It is always a good idea to print the receipt for your records.

There are three different times throughout the school year when you will need to pay fees.... (an email will be sent to the parent/guardian email on file as a reminder that fees are due.)

1.   In the summer for required registration fees
2.   Approximately 2 weeks after school starts for First Semester class fees
3.   In January for Second Semester class fees 

**Student Schedules will not be viewable August 10th unless registration fees have been paid, a pay plan has been set up (contact the office) or a fee waiver application has been approved by the Principal.**   

The deadline for paying registration fees is August 22, 2018. 

Fee Waiver - must be applied for each new school year.  Fee Waiver Form  Return completed form (with documentation) to FJH Main Office. Fee Waiver Requests will not be accepted after Sept. 30, 2019. Link for fee waiver in English -https://www.schools.utah.gov/file/666bfc86-5c65-4d77-bd26-5187ce025c66  and fee waiver in Spanish https://www.schools.utah.gov/file/0fd368ef-f3c4-415e-bfe6-90bb95e66ec5 See below for Free and Reduced Lunch, it is a separate form.

7th Grade Student ONLY:
Immunization Form 

EVERY student must have an immunization record on file with updated immunizations to attend school.  Please see the "New Student" tab for detailed immunization information.
School Lunch  
For more School Lunch information please click here - 2018-19NutritionConnection1.pdf

Payments for school lunch is done on-line through your myDSD account, or you can send a check with your child to be paid in the cafeteria.

To apply for Free and Reduced lunch.  Forms must be filled out online through myDSD or on the school website. https://www.davis.k12.ut.us/departments/nutrition-services/free-reduced-price-school-meals

A free/reduced lunch application does not cover or qualify for the waiver of school fees. You MUST fill out a Fee Waiver application for school fees.
You can pay for your membership in PTA with the on-line fees. 

Class Supply List

Supply Lists for Students

Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt - All students will be reading this book in their English Class this year.

Most Teachers - Classes using computers need personal ear buds of headphones

2” Ring Binder will be used to the 7th grade “Husky Binder”, you are able to get your own, a few will be supplied to students as needed.

Adams              Math    
9th Grade: Graphing Calculator (TI-84 is best)
7th Grade: Scientific calculator required
7th and 9th Grade: compass, protractor, ruler, graphing paper, lined paper, highlighter, pencil (work in pen is not accepted)

A. Anderson    English
7th Grade Honors: "Husky Binder", multiple pencils, blue or black ink lens, a red pen for correcting, Clean-edge loose leaf lined paper (no spiral notebookpaper!), reading book from home, county library or school library, small set of colored pencils and a small hand sharpener, Composition notebook, Ear Buds

L. Anderson     Math    
"Husky Binder", multiple pencils, a red pen for correcting, highlighter or colored pencil for notes, clean-edge loose leaf lined paper (no spiral notebook paper!), small hand sharpener, compass, Scientific calculator, ear buds

Bailey                  Geography
Colored pencils, AP kids need index cards

Bate                 US History
3 ring binder with loose leaf lined paper OR a composition notebook and a basic pocket folder. At least 2 pencils

Bowler                College and Career Awareness, Exploring Technology, Into. To Manufacturing and Construction
College and Career Awareness: Notebook/Folder, paper, pen or pencil
Exploring Technology: Pen or pencil, safety glasses are required, but are part of class fee
Into. to Manufacturing and Construction: Pen or pencil

Carmiol              Spanish, Foreign Language Survey          
One subject spiral notebook, 70 pages 3 ring binder (can share with other classes), Tissue box and box of pencils - One-time donation greatly appreciated

Coray              CCA and FACS Exploration
CCA: Pen or pencil and paper or notebook. Students will be asked to bring a used clothing item to "upcycle" during the trimester. Class fee will pay for other class supplies.

FACS Exploration: Pen or pencil and paper or notebook. Students will be asked to bring a used clothing item to "upcycle" during the semester. If they complete required class projects and continue with optional projects, they will be required to bring supplies for optional projects. Class fee will pay for other class supplies. 

Davis                    Science
Composition notebook

Dennis                 US History         
Glue Stick, pen to use for correcting (not blue or black)

Flitton                 Math    
Graphing calculator (TI-84 preferred), compass and ruler

Francis                      Math
9th grade: Paper, pencils, colored pen for correcting work (any readable color besides black and blue), compass, protractor, ruler, and graphing calculator (TI-84 preferred)

7th grade: Paper, pencils, colored pen for correcting work (any readable color besides black and blue), compass, protractor, ruler, and scientific calculator

Freeman            Applied Classes
7th Graders - "Husky Binder" supplied by the school
8th and 9th graders 3 ring binder - 1.5 inch8 tab divider set - 2 pocket College ruled lined paper, pencil with eraser with pouch, 3 highlighters (yellow, green and red/pink), For home storage of completed school work: a multiple pocket expanding file with at least 7 pockets

Glad                      Geography
Composition notebook, Binder, 8 count colored pencils with pencil sharpener, 2 standard pencils

Glaze                    Math    
TI-84 calculator

Gustaveson      Art         
9th Grade Art: A pencil box, drawing pencil set, kneaded eraser, white plastic eraser, 12 color or more Prismacolor set (the best prices are on Amazon)
Advanced 9th Grade Art: A large plastic pencil box, a combination lock (no keys), kneaded eraser, white plastic eraser, drawing pencil set with at least 4 to 5 pencil, 12 or more set of Prismacolor colored pencils, a sketchbook at least 8 x 10"
8th Grade Art: Same as 9th
7th Grade Art: 24 or more Crayola Colored pencils, kneaded eraser, pencil box to hold the materials, about a 3 or 4 drawing pencil set

Harris                   Choir/General Music    
General Music: 2 pencils, white or black 1 inch 3-ring binder (no bigger), Spiral bound notebook 3-whole punched
All Choirs: 2 pencils, a folder to hold music

Henderson      US History
US History: Tab for History in a three-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, pencil or pen every  day, Optional:  a few colored pencils, small sharpener
Study Skills: Tab for Study Skills in a three-ring binder, pencil or pen every day, Reading book

Johnson             English and Study Skills
7th Grade English: Husky binder with a folder for each class, multiple pencils and a red pencil or pen for correcting, clean-edge, loose leaf, lined paper (no spiral notebook paper), reading book from home, county library, or school library (reading on electronic device is not allowed), Composition notebook, earbuds or headphones, a personal copy of the novel Okay for Now, by Gary D. Schmidt
Study Skills: Husky binder with a folder for Study Skills (7th graders), A folder in a 3 ring binder for Study Skills  (8th and 9th graders), Multiple pencils, Textbooks and assignments needing to be completed, a reading book from home or the library (reading on electronic device is not allowed)

King                      Math    
Pencils, 3 ring binder with lined paper and graph paper, TI-30XS or TI-36x PRO calculator (graphing calculator will be needed for 9th grade math TI-84 is preferred), colored pen for correcting assignments (any color except blue or black)

Mortensen     Dance
Beginning Dance: Spiral Notebook, folder, pencil or pen. Dance leggings/tights/yoga pants and t-shirts (no belly shirts) for each class.

Pate                Business Digital Lit.
A folder with pockets or a section in a shared 3-ringed binder, a pen or pencil, lined paper, earbuds or headphones (optional), a classroom set of headphones will be available, $6.00 class fee

Pead                     Science
Color pencil, Composition notebook, Folder or binder, Personal headphones/ear buds

Purdy                  Science
Composition notebook, small ruler, two pencils, colored pencils and sharpener, 'Post-it' notes (small) 

Schouten          Math    
3 ring binder with lined paper and graph paper, Graphing calculator is helpful but not required, scientific calculator is required, ruler, compass and protractor, Dry erase marker

Stoddard           English
1" 3 ring binder, 5 - 6 dividers (pocket dividers are great, but not required), pencils (mechanical is best, but not required), Pen (black or blue), Highlighter (any color), something to read, earbuds

Silva                Orchestra I (7th Grade): 2 Pencils, Spiral Bound Book of Music Staff Paper, Method Book: “Fingerboard Geography” STRING CLASS book by: Barbara Barber, Scale Book: “Essentials for Strings”, Well-made Student Level instrument (make sure it has been looked over and adjusted by a string instrument professional: re-strung if needed, bow re-haired if needed, etc.), MAKE SURE your instrument has FINE TUNERS for ease of learning to tune! Make sure you have your stringed instrument supplies: shoulder rest, rock stop, rosin, mute, soft cleaning cloth.
Orchestra II: 2 Pencils, Spiral Bound Notebook of Music Staff Paper, Method Book “Essential Technique Book 3” (Green Book), Scale Book “Essentials for Strings”, Have your instrument looked over and adjusted if necessary by a stringed instrument professional, make sure you take care of all string replacements and bow re-hairs, etc. , Make sure you have your stringed instrument supplies: shoulder rest, rosin, rock stop, mute, soft cleaning cloth.

Taylor                  Utah Studies     
Colored pencils and pencil sharpener



Boundary Variances

Davis School District provides enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of district students. One such option is policy on Open Enrollment and Boundary Variances.

Open enrollment boundary variances provide parents a choice of schools to attend within the public school system that is not limited by school or district boundaries.

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for the selection and transfer of students among district schools and enrollment or re-enrollment after attending a charter school, in accordance with state law, administrative rule, and School Board policy.

Please refer to the policy link on the left navigation bar of this page for detailed information regarding "Open Enrollment Boundary Variance" policy and procedure.


The follow are the classes that are taught in:

7th Grade 7thGradeClasses_1.docx

8th Grade 8thGradeClasses_1.docx

9th Grade 9thGradeClasses.pdf