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  • Setting up your OneDrive: 

    1. Log in to Office 365 using your computer log in 

    1. Under “Apps,” open “OneDrive” 

    1. At the top taskbar, click “New,” select “Folder” 

    1. Name folder “Elementary School” and click “Create” 

    1. Select ALL files in list except “Elementary School” folder (either click checkmark next to each file, or press ctrl+A on keyboard and then unselect “Elementary School” folder) 

    1. Click and drag to add files into “Elementary School” folder 

    1. At the top taskbar, click “New,” select “Folder” 

    1. Name folder “[1 – Class name]” and click “Create” 

    1. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with classes 2-7 

    In the future:  

    • When using computers in each class, open OneDrive folder for that class before creating documents 

    • For each document created in Word Online, click “Document #” in the blue taskbar at the top of the screen to rename file – name files something you will remember, NOT “essay” or “question,” etc.  

    • Documents on Word Online save automatically - no need to save  

    • When using normal Word on a computer, saving to OneDrive is a little more difficult: 

    • Go to File > Save As > “Add a Place” 

    • Select “Office 365 SharePoint”  

    • Enter school email and click “Next” 

    • Enter computer password and click “Sign In” 

    • Choose correct folder, window will pop up 

    • Name file and click “Save” 

    • You should only have to add the place once on each computer you use