Check In  

All students who enter the school after the first tardy bell of the day must check in at the main office. 

Check Out 

FJH is a closed campus, students must check out in the office if they leave for any reason including appointments, lunch, family matters, feeling ill, etc. 

To check out, a parent or guardian must come to the office and present photo id and use their myDSD log in.  If a parent is unavailable to check a student out, students may be released to adults on the emergency contact list who present photo id.  If a sibling is on the list but is under the age of 21, we will need an email from a parent sent to 

To speed up the check out process, students can bring a signed note from a parent to show to the teacher to get out of class. The student then needs to then go to the main office and meet their parent/guardian to check out.   

In order to decrease the number of tardies and disruptions to 5th and 6th period, we strongly discourage groups checking out for lunch. 

Clearing Absences  

You may use one of the following options to clear your student’s absence. All absences must be cleared within 3 days.  To clear an absence:

Extended Absences 

Students who are missing three or more days need to let their teachers know they will be gone and send an email/note to the office excusing the student’s absences.